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But Missouri court documents allege Miller and his wife left a dark past behind them.Citing as witnesses a Missouri sheriff's deputy, two Missouri Highway Patrol officers, a Wasilla police officer, Miller's seven adopted children and others, the Missouri court's statement of probable cause alleges Miller and his wife were responsible for years of "sexual and physical abuse" of the couple's adopted children, abuse the sheriff's deputy claims occurred "in many jurisdictions throughout Missouri and Alaska." Miller faces five felony charges, including statutory rape, sodomy, two counts of child molestation and incest.In an interview at Nome's Anvil Mountain Correctional Center on Thursday, Miller said he was a teacher before he came to Western Alaska and said he moved to the state in 2010 "to pursue a lifelong dream" of living in rural Alaska.Missouri court records, however, list a Wasilla apartment as his home address dating back to November 2003.A Missouri man who spent the past four years teaching throughout Western Alaska has been arrested on charges of sexually abusing his adopted daughter — and is alleged to have subjected his six other adopted children to "years of physical abuse and neglect." On Aug.29, Alaska State Troopers arrested 42-year-old Owen M.Mom, it's been over a year now since God and His angels called you away.

"We were contacted by the Missouri authorities," said Kotzebue trooper Nathan Sheets.After the ceremony, the adopted daughter -- who at the time, court documents say, was under 12 years old -- alleges Miller sexually abused her, beginning more than 10 years of such abuse, with Miller said to have routinely plied the victim with alcohol.He denied the charges, refusing to talk about his children, and said he had had trouble contacting family members and a lawyer in jail.In August 2013, according to the Missouri court documents, one of Miller's adopted daughters reached out to a Wasilla police officer to disclose more than a decade of physical and sexual abuse.The documents describe "a marriage ceremony in Savannah" in August 2002, but exactly who was married is unclear.

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Miller said his children were all adopted in Missouri.

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